RIVER OF FREEDOM  Musical Literature

This is an on-going project I am involved with.  A new work by Caitlyn Kamminga and Adam Walters with Artwork by Che Lovelace.  This is going to be a great new concert piece created in and about Trinidad.  Looking forward to the Premiere on 16th May.

JAB MOLASSIE  Musical Theatre

This original work was conceptualised by my wife, Caitlyn Kamminga who also wrote the libretto and has music by Dominique LeGendre. There were a number of workshops and the premiere run of performances happened in October 2014. 

RAINFOREST  Mini Documentary

This was a project involving schoolchildren from St Ann’s in Trinidad, and took place over a number of weeks to culminate in a performance at the National Academy for the Performing Arts in Port of Spain. The kids were a joy to work with and we have seen them grow into keen string players.


This family concert piece was composed by my good friend Adam Walters and is for trombone, clarinet, double bass, xylophone and percussion. The trombone represents the wolf with a great leaping solo using the octotonic scale. The trombonist also has to narrate part of the story. I’ve enjoyed many performances of this work!