Little Red

Riding Hood 

by Adam Walters

Featuring the Ibis Ensemble

Little Red Riding Hood was written for the UTT Ibis Ensemble who gave the first performance at the University of Trinidad and Tobago's Academy for the Performing Arts on 7th May 2011. It was recorded on 10th June 2011 at the university's campus in Charguaramas.

Aidan can be heard as both narrator and trombonist representing the Big, Bad Wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood was written between November 2010 and May 2011. The opening is derived from Trinidadian folk percussion music, using the biscuit tins that accompany the Blue Devils at Carnival time. This seems appropriate for three reasons: first, the Big Bad Wolf is himself the devil character of the story; second, there's a link between the idea of biscuits and the cakes that Little Red Riding Hood's mother asks her to take to her grandmother across the forest; and third; the piece was composed in Trinidad's capital city, Port of Spain.

This recording is dedicated to the memory of UTT Ibis Ensemble's clarinetist Duncan Prescott, a dear friend of the performers and of the composer, who passed away in July 2011.